High-Oleic Sunflower Oils - Order samples (only for companies)!


High-Oleic Sunflowers Oils (HOSO) are excellent renewable raw materials for industrial utilization. They show an high oxidative performance due to their high content of oleic acid and their very low content of polyunsatured fatty acids (PUFA). Combined with a very low content of stearic acid (C18:0) they are suitable raw materials for industrial applications like lubricants, metal working fluids, cosmetics or surfactants. With an oleic acid content of higher than 90 % the new 90plus® oil is an fine starting material for chemical syntheses. Of course high oleic sunflower oils can also be used as olive oil like food oils or deep frying fats (see * overview of applications).

HOSO were cultivated in Germany at about 5.000 hectares in 1999. A special quality management has been set up to guarantee best results in oil yield and highest content of oleic acid. The German Ministry of Agriculture and farmers associations are supporting pilot cultivation and efforts to enlarge this area in future, so that availability will be on an industrial level with an attractive cost-performance situation in future.


Fatty Acid (in %)
80 + Type
90plus® Type
Palmitic Acid
4,0 - 4,5
3,5 - 4,0
Stearic Acid
2,5 - 3,0
1,0 - 1,5
Oleic Acid
81 - 82
91 - 92
Linoleic Acid
2,8 - 3,0
Linolenic Acid
0,5 - 0,8
90plus® is a registered trademark of Dr. Frische GmbH, Alzenau


Oil samples (only for companies) of 80 and 90plus® are available for testing.

You can order the samples with this fax formular.

High-Oleic-Sunfloweroil 80+ (RBWD)99/80+
High-Oleic-Sunfloweroil 90plus(R) (RBWD)